week 6: skyline

okay so ive done a million of these sketches and they pretty much came out the same. still i didnt feel like i had it down until last night. i was feeling kinda down so i went out to a movie and then hit a bar and sketched some stuff on napkins. this was one of them, i threw it ino photoshop, had some fun and ended up with this.

this one is kinda a stretch, and is kind of a inside thing. awhile ago i had been too busy to recycle the beer and soda cans that had slowly accumulated on my desk, yes i realize how that sounds, anyway my then-girlfriend saw it and laughed that i was constructing an aluminum city. in shame i grabbed a trash bag and dumped them in the recycling bin downstairs. anyway it was a memory that popped into my head and i thought that id sketch it out.


edit: rough on napkin.

edit a different take:

per request, a rural scene.

inspired by fond memories of summers where i grew up.

edit: cleaned up earlier attempt, along the lines of the first sketch.

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