week 7: sacrifice

this one is kinda personal, had more obvious concepts which i will probably finish soon.

its done in silver ink on black card stock, i know that i could have inverted the coloers in ps but it was fun working with new mediums. i was going to write on it as well but ran out of room.

it would have said:

she wasn't happy anymore, so i let her go without a fight.

or something along those lines.

i knew that she would never be happy, i couldn't do it, so i let go, and it hurt... alot.

and she seemed to be be none the worse for it.

i think i did it on black paper because its how i felt at that moment, like all the air was sucked out of the room and everything was turned upside down, inverted.

its been awhile and it hurts less and less everyday.

sorry for the sappy post.
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