todays scribbles

this was one i did for match, its a week or two old but i did all the clean up before class.
i had text on the original but it was hard to make out so i got rid of it. they were lyrics from a song i wrote years ago.

"and promises we never had the chance to keep, how typical, but nonetheless how tragic all the same."

this i did on muni on the way home, i forgot to bring my mp3 player or book or crossword or anything to distract me. i generally dont draw on public transit but hell i was bored of reading all those lame posters.

its kinda a long story but its how my life is feeling at the moment.

and this is what happens when i take notes...

the other pages had more info on them, also there are a few of these that i really like and well develop in the next few days. im including this because i was asked by someone the other day about the process i use to make this stuff, and what it looks like before i use the computer to clean it up. usually i dont draw on notebook paper but i was trying to be sly and not draw attention to the fact that i was paying only half attention.

anyway, i hope you all enjoy.
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