topic #14 - home

"in my head, we're laying in bed, that night, and she says that i felt so right, so good, so perfect."
"i said, it was like coming home."

this one made me cry.

see, i couldnt for the last few years talk about my past, write about it, draw about it. i had to ignore things that had led to who i have become. even if it was a prt of what made me a better person.

its involved and i dont want to get into it right now.

about four or so years ago i had this relationship, it was with a woman who had been my first real girlfriend in highschool, it was brief but it was full of, passion, emotion, love.

and it ended.

so i wrote a short story that i was going to make into a comic called last weekend, it was about me going back to where i had grown up and the breakup. it was brutal and painful and horrorable.

i just never got around to drawing it. and then, when i was finally ready to, i couldnt. so i forgot about it.

and this brings me to "home"

i wanted to do heat last week but couldnt nail it, ironically all the sketches were very similar to what i came up with for this. ive been racking my brains thinking about "home", what it is, what i think of as home, and i thought id have to sit this one out as well.

then i remembered this one part of the story and it clicked.

that was home.
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