week 12: match

week 12 here and going by faster than id like it to.

i was talking to an old friend the other night and he mentioned that i should try and remember the good moments, or at least that was the gist of the convo, so when match came up as this weeks topic it really gave this some thought.

kneejerk response was to do something about matches, how that they are used for a purpose and thrown away, that and cigarettes, they are used and discarded. in the past i had realted to them.

but then i thought about how this one time i dug out k's old nintendo and we played super mario three, the player vs player mode. it was fun, we played and played and then got bored, watched a movie on the couch and then went to sleep...

its a good memory.

this was one of the first

this one was a more developed verson of the one below

here the one that started my train of thought

and for the hell of it, a one of the pages of concept sketches
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