week 19: trouble

went back and forth all week on this one, had a few different ideas about what i wanted to do with it. i have some other sketches i want to post here soon, but i really wanted to post before tomorrow.

so guess the concept is trouble, it could have worked for danger as well, god i hated when she'd ask those questions, there was only one answer she'd actually believe and even if i thought it (which id didnt) there would have been hell to pay for saying it.

another response ive heard jokingly is: honey its not the shirt it's your body that makes you look fat...

no i didnt laugh either, i just kinda smiled a little.

seriously, ladies, please dont ask your partners this question, no matter how insecure you feel, there is not good that will ever come of this.

and guys stop asking if youre a good size "down there", if you are, you know, if youre asking youre probably not.

(just trying to keep it fair.)
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