week 21: ghost

almost didnt make it on this one, i didnt know really what to draw.

there was the one of me hiding under my covers after having seen the movie poltergeist at the tender age of six or so... it was years, and i mean into my early teens until i was able to sleep in a room with a tv in it.

then there was the one were i was house-sitting for my ex's family and was constantly getting the crap out of me hearing doors opening and closing upstairs, hearing footsteps and the the security gate opening and closing... i later asked her mom about it and she thinks its the spirit of the man who died of aids and had left her the house. still it was unnerving as hell.

and then i decided on this, and a sone i wrote a long time ago, in which part of the chours is:

and there is not, enough air to breathe around here
in every inch a memory
i ask myself
what the hell and still doing here
i ask myself, but i dont know

basically its that the things that i am really haunted by are my memories, and that going back to certain places can be harder depending on the memory/memories attached to them.

my memories are my ghosts
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