week 24: clear

sorry that i missed this one, its been a "fun" week, a "fun" coupla weeks actually.

so clear, so fucking clear...



ive been known to say that, after a night of drinking, at some point in the middle of it all, there is a moment...

a moment of "clarity"

and its both true and complete bullshit

i learned that phrase, learned that "moment of clarity" at twenty, and yes i was a late bloomer in as far as all that is concerned.

i have realized that the moment is really a thought that, for one reason or another, you arent able to accept sober, perhaps because its too painful, or because it leaves you lacking in you own eyes, and what you fear others will think about you.

at any rate the moment, the problem, the situation, is as real altered as it is sober and at least sober you have a chance of really dealing with the issue
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