week 26: invention

yeah, late again...

i really didnt know what to do with this one.

it hit me the other night but ive been busy with other things.

so here is invention, ive done it in two different formats, hopefully one or the other will be easier to understand.

at anyrate i think that i should include the text here in case you cant read it:


ive thought about this at length
and ive come to this:

that life, with her, that future that i had willed into existance,

was real so long as i worked on keeping it up

this illusion

and the second i gave up,

it ended and disappeared

like smoke, gone

so i guess what ive come to in all of this, is that the "happiness" that i invented

that i had lost

can no longer be viewed in terms of losing her but losing a part of myself

and by understanding this

ive come to understand that all this misery, isolation, all this pain that i have gone through since...

its all been my invention.

so yeah there it is.

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