week 33: 80's

i hate being late on these...

i really didnt
know what to do with this one, i didnt want to do another 1980's piece, ive done one already for this project, and i didnt want to do an old person.

one of the best entries i saw on IF last week was a pastel covered photograph of the stairs in the metreon here in san francisco.

i guess this piece has something to do with the city by the bay as well.

i grew up in places that would hit the 100's during the summer easy, and when you live in these conditions you adapt. having moved to san franciso some fifve yeas ago i have found that i have lost my tolerance for heat, and that on the rare days that the temperature hits the 80's i be come a sweaty icky mess.

thank the gods for cool baths and/or showers.
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