topic 52: eyes

i was going to go another direction with this one, and i will still do the original, but i think that concept fits better under pride, well i guess this one would too but for vastly different reasons.

as ive mentioned a few times this last year or so i was in a relationship where i took up the role of " father" to a beautiful little girl. and while that relation ship has ended i find myself missing that child far more that i ever thought i would.

this week the topic is eyes.

towards the end of the relationship i found myself finding it too difficult to explain to strangers who would comment on how cute she is, and was she mine, or how proud i must be... etc.

at some point i just smiled and said yes she was mine, or yes i was, or whatever.

it was easier, and what more i found myself wishing it was true, she was this incredible kid.

the thing that always got me though was when people would say, " she looks just like you," or, "she takes after your side."

sometime right in front of her mother.

and id smile and think: "yeah, just like me in that she has two eyes, a nose, and a mouth in the right configuration..."

the thing was if people were to really pay attention they might notice that her mother and i had blue eyes, and little "c" had brown.

it would have been virtually impossible, genetically speaking, for her to have been our child.

god i miss that kid.
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