week 1: suit

my new suit.

one quarter, during finals, we were rendering out 3d animations at school. the process is tedious but time intensive, not to mention that you have to guard the labs to make sure that some other student doesnt come along and take over one of the computers that you are using.

well this one day (and every other day for that matter) we were taking a break and walked down a block to starbucks.

at that time there was the uber cute barista working there and we all were trying to "make time with her."

as this was like the fifth time we had come back that day she asked me what we were doing that we needed so much coffee...

i told her.

and she said, "oh yeah, back when i was in art school up in washington we had to watch the computers all the time, we even spent the night sometimes."

and i asked what her major was.


the very same as mine.

and i remember thinking that i worked at starbucks before i went to college. that and i felt a little sick at the thought that it could have been me.

and now it is.

it was all very ominous.

on the plus side i get benefits in a few months free coffee and, well, a paycheck.


just got home from work and i realized that i didnt really express what i was trying to earlier.

im not giving up on art, and i also do not believe that i am entitled to work in the field, i have to earn it and i know this.

i just find it frustrating sometimes that i am in a job that i had eight years ago, i know that the reason for this are the decisions ive made, i picked a school that wasnt very good, i put someone elses needs before mine for two years and neglected my own only to have that relationship end, and i gave into depression that caused me to have to move back home to "start over" and get back on my feet.

anyway, i guess this one came out a little more "poor me" than i intended.

really its the start of a new year a new job and a new chapter of my life.

and that... that "suits" me fine.
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