just something i did last night...

so as ive mentioned, due to my now extremely busy and unrelenting schedule its been difficult to find time or even the desire to be creative in any way...

this is something i drew for a friend last night while we were hanging out after work. its just a blue line pencil sketch, im planning on throwing it into photoshop and illustrator later tonight when i get home.

in other news, 52 fridays is fast approaching the 20,000 hit mark, ill have to do something special for that. if any of you want to participate and do some kind of drawing or sketch or whatever id be honored and would proudly display it for all the internet to see.

also to those of you talente peoples who have contacted me about a link exchange the answer is a resounding "id love to!" and i will be adding links to your sites sometime this week.

i guess thats about it.

now im off to the hell that is my coffee wage slave inspiration.

(ps. in CWS news i think that i will be doing weekly posts, i do apologize for the lack of regular posting there i just havent had time to draw all of the experiences that ive had since working there. rest assures there is a notebook in my bag as i type that is half filled with general douche-baggery and ass-hattery.)
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