missing pants

between all thats going on in my life, the new jobs and all that crap (read: excuses) im reposting a piece .

originally this was for another prompt that i had wanted to do this as a three piece comic, but i wont, what i will do is give you all the background.

early in my college days i befriended this really awesome person, she was wild, artsy and, well, everything that i could have ever asked for in a friend.

she had no inhibitions and would always say things that would throw people off just for the fun of it.

she also was into body mods and was a bit flaky, always tattooing, piercing and re-piercing etc...

she also like to dye her pubic hair at times.

and she loved showing these mods off.

so anyway one day we were walking to a cafe to get coffee and the whole "my inability to grow consistent facial hair (to this day still thin an patchy)" when she stopped right there on market street and said.

hah, even i have a moustache.

i looked at her not knowing what the hell she was talking about and as i stood there she pulled up her shirt and opened her button flys.

lo and behold. she had a little himmler moustache.

just not over the lips i expected.

and no pants.
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