week 18 (late): extremes

i know that you will never read this, and if i thought that you ever would i wouldnt post it, even to and up to this day i have never told a soul.

i saw you, out back, crying that day.

i stood there, a stolen cigarette in my hands and i watched as the strongest woman i had met, who would die before allowing anyone see her cry break down in tears.

and for you i wrote a song.

dead girl.

by the way
your dress can make you seem
so insecure to all
you never felt a thing
so beautiful
and in my eyes
theres no one else
so far away i feel you again

so stand up straight
stand up tall
your shoulders back
your chin held proud

dont let them se you cry

youd rather die.

so run away from me
from them
from the clouds
and someday you might fell something

dead girl you were the one

im sure of that
as much as ive become
dead like you
with no one like you
in my life these days
and when we talk id cry

at the way

you hated no one

but yourself.

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