week 21 hats

i dont think that there is any way to say what im trying to say here without sounding like an ass, or that i am trying to be hurtful.

i guess what im saying is that im not trying to be mean.

but my hat's off to you.

you were right, completely right.

i was standing in line somewhere the other day and she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and snuggled up to my neck, i realized that i was so completely in love. that i suddenly had this future ahead of me that wasnt drawn out, predictable, final.

that there we possibilities.

and with you, not so much.

now i doubt that you will ever read this post but its something that i feel that i need to say.

being with her has shown me that i was settling for you.

settling with you.

you were right, from the start you were right.

you were right to have broken up with me at the beginning, and i was too stubborn to give up that quickly, to listen to you and realize that it was really that simple, that black and white.

you were an anchor in my life.

and that i deserved more than that.

i thought it was my choice, that i was doing the honorable, the right thing.

and i see now that i was being foolish.

thank you for leaving me.

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