this day in real life

the irony is that it wasnt.

so i couldnt sleep so heres the other one

i went out, and sat at a table and waited for something to happen.


a very... inebriated young woman started an argument that stained was a good band.

and not just stained but their song "its been awhile"

another girl subscribed to a different world view.

and things escalated


ending with a young woman getting, and i quote, "attacked wolverine style" which involved getting her tank top torn to shreds and her breast hanging out for the world to see.

funny thing is all i thought as i saw this, aside from "well thats going onto the internet", was that the guy she was with had a hoodie on that he could have (and didnt but he did cheer) let her wear to cover up in the five minutes before they eventually left.
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