immovable v. 2.0

i had to go to the hospital, not for myself, but for a family member that can't name for fear of reprisal from my... damn, i cant say from who either.

it seems that my family has taken a token interest in my work thanks to facebook and keep telling me "dont blog this"!

aw fuck it.

we were there for my grandmother and one of my aunts, im not naming names but if youre reading this you know who you are.

anyway, i was waiting, going on my second hour in a chair that wasnt comfortable in 1993 (allergy shots, once a week when i was in my teens) when a shadow fell over me.
i looked up and this... thing, a bandage over one eye, all bruises, no neck, and a shirt that had more stains than not was staring down at me.

and he said a few odd things, i asked him to ove along, and he stayed for a few minutes before shuffling off.

then i went back to my crossword and waited for another hour.
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