week 13 (43): spooky


should i draw a ghost or a devil? a witch or a skeleton?

maybe a devil...

i am beginning to question the point of this exercise.

so as the three of you who come here on any sort of a regular basis know that i enjoy going to a patio here in town and have a beer as i do the daily crossword or draw in my sketch book.

i go probably three or four nights out of the week, ill have a pint and spend on average an hour with whatever project im working on.

ive said in the past that the best way to attract attention at a bar is to do something like draw, or read or basically anything but staring intently at the cup in front of you.

even headphones offer no sanctaury.

ive noticed that my... activities... at the bar attract a healthy amount of attention of female attention (that amounts to them as notmuch more than a temporary distraction) and that once in awhile i see this guy staring me down from the corner of my eye.

the man above is just the newest of the incarnations but there have been a few in the past.

these guys who arent that big, or strong, but have that crazy look in their eyes and they just perch and watch you.


ive never called any of them on it.

a few have tried to start trouble but ive managed to get out of that.

but i have to tell you how fucking spooky it it to have someone you dont know staring that intently night after night at you, and then waiting for the other foot to drop.
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