burning v.2

i was going to post this last night but i got too tired to be bothered once i finished coloring it.

last night i watched a movie that i hadnt seen in years, and in that movie there was a song that i loved and used to listen to all the time.

so i began to wonder, why had i forgotten about it, why dont i hear it anymore?

so i looked at the itunes playlist and it wasnt there.

which is odd because at one point i know for a fact that i had it on computer.

then i started reading old posts here and on livejournal and i looked at the music that refrenced and was amazed to see that i have lost so many songs from my memory, that somewhere along the way of hard drive swaps, os reloads, crashes... etc. these little things that made me... connect with something have disappeared.

and that i am smaller because of it, somthing less than i was.

i guess its not just music either.
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