week 18 (48): sneaky

i had to think long and hard about this one, hence the "eleventh hour" entry. but here it is.

some days i find myself washing dishes in  the sink, or watching television shows... and more and more rarely at the movies.

and it happens without any reason, i begin to cry.

its embarrasing as hell but there i am weeping.

for whatever reason this sense of something sneaks up on me and im spilling tears over brad pitt getting younger, clint eastwood sacrificing himself to take out a hmong gang, tom hanks eating a box of choclates, zach braff ending a series or one page out a book by george r. stewart, towards the end of the novel mind you...

anyway, i cry.

and i wish i knew what it was that mede me react so strongly so that i could figure out what the hell is wrong with me.

but if i knew all that i probably would have a story that would make some one else cry and they would have no idea why.
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