week19 (49): savour

and here we are, three weeks from "year two".


i know that i have much to be thankfull for, i have more that most in this life, i have two sisters and a mother that love me, and i've never had chlamydia (not sure why i went there but hey ho.. you know... and all that).

i guess that despite the blessings that i DO have, there are certain weights that drag me down, things that i wont get into here but...

again, anyway.

suffice to say that there are rare times that i find myself not grinding my teeth, and those times are usually late at night, watching the office, the league, and many other shows on a few different networks; oh, and pawn stars.

crossword puzzles help as well.

however, there are some times, despite all that, despite what i put out there, that  i can savor even those worst of moments, because they are moments that remind me that i am alive.
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