week 24: mysterious

ah finally a post that does not involve me moping about my lack of a love life, could it be?

the answer, is yes.

ive been back "home" for the last several years now, and that means that i no longer have access to things like walking to where i want to go in less than 15 minutes and affordable public transportation.

which means i need to drive or be driven.

it amazing to me how bad people drive in general.

ive had people cut me off on a freeway going 85+ miles per hour with car seats in the back of their shitty 2 door beaters to beat me to an off ramp, nearly hitting me and fish tailing when they over corrected.

ive had people whip around corners in parking lots against a stop sign, and scream at me when they almost hit me (dude in this case was in his fifties and should know that a stop sign is NOT a yield sign).

and for some reason the lack of the use of turn signal pisses me off the most out of all of these transgressions.

its not like you have to reach back into the trunk to let people know that you plan to switch lanes, in many cases your hands are already moving in the direction you would have to have to flip that lever as you turn anyway.

so yeah.

if we cant get together as a species to do something as being not criminally negligent while driving, i dont see how people can be so optimistic that we can learn to coexist and not to wage wars on one another for things as "silly" as the oil it takes for said asshats to remain a menace on the road.

its all so effing mysterious, its beyond me.
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