week 29: hitched

i wasnt sure i was going to do this one, i had several ideas in mind but the meds they have me on seem to be killing most of my drives. i know that this is not an illustration but it fits my mood, mindset, whatever.

i have been going through boxes of my old stuff from my apartment throwing away useless crap that i no long want memories of, and i kept finding a bunch of two things.
the first was the collection of stolen coffee-shops from all night diners i went to on dates in college, it was as game, and i could remember which mug matched too, women i had forgotten, the other were pens and pencils that ive had for years, longer than most for the few friends who ended up getting married. i remember sitting in parks or on a couch, or if i was lucky, in bed, and these pens and pencils drew, well they drew a lot of what was going on back then.

im not saying that that im married to these or anytime but i fell like that they do have some some strange part of what completes me.

and yes, i remember each girl that when along with each pen or pencil.

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