this was a post i wanted to make  several months ago, as i mentioned my life has gone through some changes, among the casualities was my  my creative drive, it became a challenge to draw. i sat in front of an empty sketchbook for weeks, getting more and more frustrated by the lack of inspiration.
several times i managed to get my act together and respond to a prompt, but because of the medications i was on, would get tired and fall asleep before posting, and the next day, id get distracted by the many different things that i was doing for my recovery.

i know that this has been the second time ive dropped the ball and neglected this blog since i started it back in 2006, i really would like to tank all of you who have kept coming back despite the lack of activity, i will do my best to finish up volume hree of this project, another twenty-two weeks. after that i think i am going to have to think about the direction i should take, if a volume four is something worth while or not. that said, enjoy the last (roughly) half of volume three and thank you all again for your support. it really has helped me in some tough times over the last several years.

below i have included a cou[le of drawings i have been messing around with the last few days, enjoy.

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