week 33: tall

all my life ive had to deal with the fact that i was shorter than most people, early on this was something that bothered me greatly. having to deal with  bullies and name calling, i developed a sarcastic sense of humor to hurt people emotionally since physical confrontation was more or less not an option, i settled for making them feel stupid, or using insight to press buttons i knew would strike nerves. Along with that i was fast and agile, two very important attributes to have to avoid  the physical repercussions that they would usually resort to. that and i usually made friends with some of the larger kids and hung out around them. im not proud of this, but i was how i had learned to cope with all the crap that went on from elementary school to high-school. it wasnt until later that i reconciled with the fact that i wasnt going to get any taller than five six and realized that i was happy for the most part with my stature, i rarely had to crouch, i didnt worry about hitting my head on things, and i could more or less be invisible if i wanted to. the only thing that really bothered me was when a girl decided that she didnt want to date me because she was taller than me and "god forbid she wore high heels. it was a criteria that i always felt was hypocritical, i have never based a decision like that on a womans breast size, or weight for that matter.


these days its something that i dont really think about all that much, short or tall, im okay with myself. still sometimes i think it would be ice to be able to reach high shelves without a step stool.

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