week 39: shy

this is a variation of things that i have heard over the last few years, no joke. its this weird new dynamic, how we seem to be trying to reconcile the old ways of communication and this new mobile instant media where all you really need to do is look up someone on the internet and read their posts and you get some insight as to who they are, what they think, and the like. in some ways it seems like one of the more intimate ways of interaction is reading a blog. its like reading a diary in some cases. it seems to have created new boundries, i know that there are people out there that share things online that would die before they would tell another person in real life. i get it, there is or was a level of anonymity that comes from posting as a ghost, and its not as concrete as saying those same things to another person sitting next to you, postsecret.com is a great example of this. its just interesting to me how this whole thing has seemed to change the rules and priorities in human interaction in many cases.

not sure its a good thing.

sometimes i miss being shy.

(yes i get that i am guilty of this as well, although really anything that i have shared here over the last several years is nothing that i wouldn't have told anyone in real life.)
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