week 42: new

this week's topic was one of those that I went back and forth on. there were several directions that I sketched out,  finally deciding on the following.

when I was in collage I learned how to use a Wacom tablet, its a stylus and pad that you can use for many different applications, I found it useful primarily in coloring and touching up hand drawn art once it was scanned into photoshop. the pressure control that it gives you makes it ideal for painiting among other things. it was kinda difficult to use at first, much like using a mouse in the beginning, but after a short while it became second nature.

in between then and now there have been several attempts at making a computer that you can draw directly onto the screen. I have tried several and mostly the result was that it was close, but still not very useful. when tablets began gaining popularity it seemed that the industry had given up on tuch screen laptops and focused on the handhelds.

for once im glad I waited. the ipad was nice, but at first all you could use was your finger to draw, it was getting even closer when the generic stylus' began to be available. then I found the Samsung note.

its 10.1 inches, had full pressure sensitivity and a mostly initiative operating system. after saving for longer than id like to remember I finally was able to purchase one last week. the idea being that I could cut down on the amount of sketchbooks I go through. while I know that I will never stop using paper, this tablet does give me options that I hadn't had before, namely the abailty to go from concept to posting without having to go home, scan, fix and color etc...

its pretty neat.

still getting used to this new device but so far its been a really neat experience. I included the original sketch under the final to show the first pass done in sketchbook pro.

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