week 45: myth

yes, this does exist.
I made this last Halloween thinking that someone would want one of these in their garage, kitchem, man cave... etc. the actual kit contains in addition a deck of playing card, a lighter, matches, a railroad spike, band-aids, batteries, a flare, duct tape, a few rags, high test fishing wire, lip balm (dab a bit under your nose for the smell), a flashlight, spam and various over the counter pills... id have to look but i'm pretty sure there's a tampon or two in there as well. (let it never be said that I am inconsiderate to a woman's needs. oh and a nice ruck sack folded up to carry all this shit around."
as I said, I made this to sell but I ended up loving it too much, maybe il lmake another for etsy or whatever.

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