week 52: eye glasses

when I was younger, freshman year I think, I finally got my first pair of glasses. I blame my father for my weak eyes, genetics and all that.
when I was nineteen or twenty I was working on a comic, this particular story was bout the irony of needing to look through warped glass to see things clearly.

over the years, I've had several pairs, running from oval to square.
more often than not my glasses eventually become more duct-tape than glasses.
when my grandmother died, we began to clear out stuff, I'm not sure why but I saved her glasses from the trash can.

the day before yesterday I got to see the optometrist, it turns out that I don't have true depth perception, that the way I see things is how we do when we watch tv, that while I don't actually see it, my brain fills in the blanks and that's how I interpret three dimensional space. and that I needed two separate prescriptions for up close and far off.

on a completely different note, this entry marks the end of volume three.

I will most likely do something to celebrate this fact, what it is I don't know yet but it will be legend... wait for it... dary.

and a special thank you to all of those who keep coming back despite the breaks I have taken here and there
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