week 9: liquid

originally i was planning to post a lot more than i am going to. this week started slow and kinda gained momentum - suddenly its thursday and i'm staring down  the barrel of a deadline. i know that i don't really have to post weekly, god knows i've let the ball drop for extended periods of time in the past, like anything else, once i stop doing something that doesn't come naturally to me, it gets easier and easier to neglect whatever that activity is, things like exercise, dating, reaching out to others, drawing or drinking for that matter.

what i have noticed is that over the periods of time where i "took extended breaks"
 from keeping up with this project i lost not only my momentum, but readers as well.

i am not entirely sure if it was the lack of activity here, people getting over the whole blog craze, people getting tired of me bitching about my stupid little life or some combination of "all the above."

all i can do at the moment is keep posting and hope that the readers return.

the work on volume one is going slowly, money to get things started is hard to come by, the website is taking up time as well, having to familiarize myself with all the new trends of web design has been... slow. i'm still keeping with the goal to have at least four issues of volume one finished and printed in time for APE this october.


liquid, this topic echos a few recent ones, like water, swim, ocean, and i kinda did one on coffee but that last one is on me.

this week i've settled on the above illustration, an updated version of a sketch i did a few years back. i've always liked the composition and felt that it could have been stronger. drawing sober helps a bit in that regard. one of the things that i was concerned about was that this would be some kind of "oh i'm sober now" blog, but i realized that most of the blog was "hey look at me i'm struggling with alcohol." maybe it wasn't as blatant, but i have no doubt that anyone who followed the blog could read in between the lines.

i'm going to be honest, things haven't really gotten all that better for me this past year, i had a few abortive attempts at relationships, still owe on the student loans and have been having trouble finding work.  the ways that things have improved, like not creating the amount of wreckage i historically have caused and trying to fix some of the things i have broken over the years, those are measurable, if only a little, progress.

i am finally putting a real effort into producing art that i hope will be a means of income, and i am prepared to accept that if for whatever reason it doesn't work out so well, i still have a hobby and i can focus my energies into finding a new career path.

this is all very scary adult stuff that i somehow managed to dodge for many years to my detriment - but it's time.

so if you are one of the few readers i have left, it would mean an awful lot to me if you could mention this site on facebook, go to the fifty-two fridays and the couch is a lie pages and "like",
if you're willing maybe tell a friend or two.

im probably going to have some sort of free stuff for the fans, stickers or magnets or buttons or something in the near future as a way of saying thank you for your support, i am so greatful to all of you who have stuck it out and have spent valuable time of your lives on coming back to see what the hell ive been doing lately.
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