week 42: voyage

earlier today i read something a friend posted that struck a chord, he wrote: "The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding."
i did a quick search and found this gem all over the interwebs but was not able to confirm who was given credit, not that it really matters, we have only so many words that we can fit together and so many people throughout history who have existed that it probably has been said many times independent of direct influence... does that make sense?

oh well.

basically what i thought of when i read this was something i had written in college. "Over there, on the other side of the couch, a million miles away, she's talking again."

i also think that one of the worst things you can do to someone you love is take them for granted.

there is a song by death cab, called a lack of color. it talks about perception, mechanics of vision, how light works, i once wrote about how i found it funny that, with my "damaged eyes", i needed to look through warped pieces of glass to see  things as they truly are.

i should have given you a reason to stay.
i was the one worth leaving.
with words like lost and found and don't look down.
how i don't know what i should do with my hands when i talk to you.

of promises we never had the chance to keep, how typical, but nonetheless how tragic all the same.

these are words that i have clung to through years of being lost in a chaotic sea of what i call life.

it's a little funny that these words have been both a bit of floating wreckage and, at times, anchors.

so now i pray, of all things, each night that she is happy, and i ask for the pain, that sadness, that lack of, well, her be lifted.

so please, remember me, at twenty-three on the hill above the city, alone with our regrets and cigarettes and the shock that you were leaving, the stars up in the skies, and in your eyes - could that moment last forever? my dear, i'll meet you there beyond all care (a fractured pair) we can watch that fallen trapeze swinger.

i think that there are some things, that some people never get over.

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