week 8: opposites

so opposites,

how does this relate to me, what does it mean to me.

i wanted us, she didnt.
shes happier, im not
shes having no trouble moving on, for me its a bit more difficult.

shes with another person right from the end...

...im lost, alone, and have no idea where to go.

i havent been able to sleep and ive been sick lately. im sorry for the modd the complaining but im really having trouble with this.

so i hope you enjoy my "opposites".


i had done another, less judgemental (?), an "oh well, thats life" sort of drawing, and so i thought that id be fair and post it too...

not that its deserved, and that it was true, but not in the way i thought.

oh well.

i decided not to color it, to leave it in black and white/greyscale because of all the shades in between two side of the spectrum.

that and i cant be bothered to turn on the wacom tablet

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