week: 9 clean

so clean, what does that mean?

more importantly what does that mean to me?

i have going through all of this before and undoubtably will do so again. i will invest myself in someone's life and let them into mine.

but afterwards, when its over, there is the shadow, the echo of that person left, and its easy to see that as a stain in that frame of mind.

for me it has always been difficult (with few exceptions) to be able to...


yeah that, my exes into my life, ive always kind of just deleted them from my life as best i can, could.

so clean, catharsis, fire. i guess thats what i was going with the stripping away of the past the pain, the loss, of what i had and what i gave away.

i know that the two pieces are basically the same, but i couldnt choose between the two.

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