topic 21: miniature

this one came to me pretty quick. its inspired by the mini-comic i never got around to drawing.
it came from this:

i look at my fingernails and realize that ive bitten them until theyve bled.

she says, "were redefining the nature of our relationship."

i say, "like getting engaged, only opposite."

she says, "engagements are usually happy things."

ideally, but thats not really the point.

i ask if there is any hope, any chance, down the line, in the future.

i regret this immeaditly.

she says, "not for it to be like it was."

that clear
that certain
that final

through the tears i ask her to drive me home.

she says i dont have to go.

and i say, "yes, i do."

i light another cigarette - i am that cigarette, i realize how much we have in common.

and then she says, "i have beer."

i am so angry with her, feeling the need to bribe me to stay, to prolong this ...

but i am also sober and in pain.

between gulps of beer i regret having come up for the weekend.

okay so the thing that made me think of this is that the beer she had was a six pack or these mini coronas that were like 8oz. it just further added to the surreal nature of the night, this long awkward, painfull thing that i was going through, and the both of us drinking these little bottles of beer.

one hell of a night
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