10,000 HITS!

i just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you out there for visiting, coming back, and leaving the great feedback that you have given me.

to be honest, part of me never thought that id be able to generate as much interest in this project as i have. my past websites and the like had been up for years and probably never broke 2000 hits.

i feel honored that you come here, i am grateful to those who have linked their pages to mine, i am grateful to illustration friday, for the wonderful exposure and for inspiration. i woul also like to thank susan tuttle, and her art blog community, artwords.

mostly, i really want to thanks all of you who have taken the time, or were moved to comment on a piece. i honestly cannot explain what it feels like to have people reacting on an emotional level to my work.

thank you all, friends, family, and stranger alike.

thank you so very much.
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