week 30: peace

well past halfway done now, week 30.

and im faced with peace.

i would like to start with that i love my family, they have always been there, they are alway there for me, for one another, no matter what.


holidays are hard, this one has been as well. mostly the first few days are spent telling every relitave the same answer to the same questions over and over again. i know that they ask out of love and concern but i feel like typing up some faq's before going home and printing a hundred o hand out.

i know that i wont do that but there are only so many times you can say someone left you before you want to swallow something, pills, foreign objects - ages three and up, or drink.

i guess things could be worse.

this is one of a few ideas i had for the topic, i might post the others if i choose to draw anything further on this topic.

smoking can be a great escape in a family that doesnt, as a rule, smoke.

as much as love them, im not, and have never been, used to being around large groups of people, and its worse when there is history among the group(s).

i guess thats about all i have to say on this for now.

i hope you enjoy.
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