missed connection comics disappointment

several months ago i answered the call for a project based on illustrating missed connections from craigslist. it looked like an interesting project and i thought i would have a lot of fun with it (and it was and i did) and while i knew that i wouldnt be getting of the profits i figured being a part of something like this would be more than rewarding. i noticed that for once i had fond something like this early on in the process and busted my ass to get a few done in hopes to be included. i recieved a warm response to the work and waited for the project to be published. due to life, the deadline was pushed back and more time passed. last week i received a canned email from the person in charge that my work would not be included in the final run, that the pieces were voted upon and for whatever reason i did not make the cut.

i was told that there might be a volume 2 at some point sometime and people who didnt get in this time would have another chance, which they probably should do in any case because to me says its not going to be as good as the first, or whatever.

it was something of a blow to my self esteem.

i would like to make it clear that i am not bashing anyone here, i understand that the response turned out to be huge and i understand that coices had to be made and not everyone could be included. But still i really really do feel let down.

at anyrate i was going to post these ages ago but i decided not to until they were in book pages on book shelves in book stores across wherever. since that doesnt seem likely now, i have decided to post them for your viewing whatever.

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