communication: monday art day

dont know where this came from, i was sitting alone on a patio and just let my pencil do its thing.
originally the respons was: "don't bother, my modem's down"

i think i like it better this way.
and there there is this...

it was going to be a triptic at first
him texting "i love you" to her
her responding... and then

him getting the text "so what?"

there were other ideas, one of two people sitting on a couch and obvioulsly not talking, i was thinking about how, in my experience anyway, that by the time you really do need to communicate is around the time that things are rapidly approaching the point of no return or, as it were, the end.
its funny how people can talk about nothing, ideas, hypothetics, for two years and then let something supposedly as important as their futures fall apart because...
well i guess because there was nothing real to talk about.

trying to get back into the rhythm of posting on a regular basis...
and running into all sorts of liitle kinks that i have to rework once yet once again...
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