this day in real life

okay so once again i was doing a crossword puzzle with my ipod blaring into my earphones on a patio outside a bar on a warm enough night when i happen to look up from the table to see another group of people at a table next to mine.

and one of the guys in the group was pointing at me, and saying something...

now i say something because i cant hear a word thats being said, earphones and all, right?

so i unplug and theres apparently a debate as to what they were talking about, did it or did it not cause me to look up.

it hadnt, just a coincidence

but one of the women decided to let me in via a recap.

they were talking about waxing their pubic hair, and what kind of grooming they, well, did.

i didnt see them naked but i feel that due to their graphic descriptions i could probably draw a pretty good representation... dont worry i wont.

anyway, after the first chick screamed to the gods themselves that she had more hair on her, um, "pooter" when she was nine than she did now and that while brazilian waxes hurt like a "mother fucker" (and then turned to spit, which landed on another chair) they were so worth it.

and this guy chimes up...

at that point i sketched it out and knew that it was time to call it a night.

oh and it was karoke night, the girls went with "i kissed a girl"

katie perry
jill sobule

no fucking justice in this universe.
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