week 2 (32): double

originally going to be titled "shit that changed"

but im classy and couldnt let that happen.


so i know its been over two years since i posted on anything resembling a regular basis, and when i went back and read the previous volumes i realized that those of you who were loyal, ardent followers of my blog, and... well sadly those who stopped by on accident as well, probably knew more about what was going with me and my life better than my family does (no, as far as my online tracking shows, my ex has shown more interest by way of hits than anyone i share, blood with. for a family of readers, when it comes to what i have to say, interested? not so much.)


im going to list some of things that have changed in my life, id like you to imagine... lets go with eye of the tiger...


think: jessies girl...

aw yeah

for this eighties inspired text based montage of my last two years.

im now 31

ive put on a few pounds

ive come to terms with in and out burger and now like their fries

i owe a lot of student debt

that the "education" it "provided" was nothing between quotes

i have an itouch

id like an ipad

i no longer have three jobs

i no longer have a job

my grandmother is going to die soon

like any week now

i quit smoking

i miss smoking

i really miss smoking

i quit smoking cause the girl said she was going to leave me if i didnt

i did

she left anyway

oh, im single

i stopped drinking coffee

i have no social life

ive fallen in love with flo, the woman form the progressive insurance commercials

ive have to reload windows... twice

i hate vista

i hate xp worse

my sister became a doctor

shes getting married

im finally getting a brother

i grew a proper beard

that i was peer-pressured into shaving off

i discovered something called "porn" on the internet

and than... er... blame

al gore.

watched hot tub time machine

saw the finales of three of my favorite tv shows

and im sure that there us much more but its getting late and this wine wont drink itself

tell you what, ill risk soul crippling depression by asking for auidence participation only to discover that i have no auidence, but if you have any questions, ask, and youll more than likely get an answer, pershaps in the form of a comic post.

huh... the axe?

thats for the zombies... oh, yeah there are zombies running around now, didnt i mention that?

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