week 2 (32): double v.2

so, i know i did this already but i feel like i cheated, i had nothing the other night for double and decided to use a post that i had done the night before citing 2 years as the link to the topic.

i mean if that had been the angle then that would have been fine its just that i feel like i forced into a hole that it wasnt meant to be put.

and so i went out and sat out in the pleasant summer nights air and thought about double.

and brainstormed 3 11x17 pages worth of possibilities.

was interrupted twice by people who dont understand that you have a sketch pad out AND ear buds in because you do NOT want to interact in a social manner or answer the creative and original question of, so you draw huh?

but i digress.

in the latter years of my stay in the city of san francisco some of my more loyal readers might recall that i dated a woman who, when i met her, had a daughter that was in her first year or so...

anyway i was around for more than a few years and had a hand at parenting and all that good stuff, i introduced her to poprocks at three.

anyway, she liked her dipping sauces be it ranch, ketchup, catsup, bbq, or nacho cheese, and tended to use the thing in which you dip as a utensil, not actually eating the carrot or the chip but licking the dip off and going for another round.

at one point i had to watch her for her mother and took her to dinner and she goes for the double dip so i stopped her to explain that its okay to double dip if youre not sharing but if youre sharing the rule is one chip per dip, i think she was three at the time.

fast forward to the ending days of that relationship i had her again while her mom took a class and we ended up at a tacobell sharing nachos, she would be around five or so now, and she dipped a nacho into the cheese and proudly announced: 'one chip per dip!'

i hadnt heard her say that before and its had been 2 years since i had told it to her.

it makes me think of the times when i talked to my mom about how i handled things or said things or sang things in situations and she would say thats how she did it with me.

and i stopped feeling as clever as i had felt, having no memory of her having done so.

i dont have any children and i dont think that i am going to, it just makes me wonder if some of what i tried to teach her will live on.


at best guess that kid is pushing 10 years old by now, double digits, an actual person.

god i miss that kid.
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