this day in real life

so i was out earlier tonight in hopes that i would overhear somthing that would merit me taking the time to draw and post here for your (hopefully) amusment.

i think i might have hit a infield home run here, if nothing else its a triple.

ok it was karoke night and the place is "packed" and im out on the patio, along with several groups of people who are loudly drinking themselves retarded.

yes, i said retarded.

one of the tables i noticed is surrounded by three young women and covered in several empty glasses of something that way once blue and more than likely, flammable...

no this isnt a story of somone catching themselves on fire at a bar... although i do have a story about that.

no this is a story of a classic freudian slip.

at one point in the evening one of the girls at the forementioned table lurches to her feet and yells at the top of her lungs:

(click to enlarge)

but the damage was done and everyone had heard her...

its funny how silence can make a sound of its own.
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