week 8 (38): proverb

sorry its taken this long, you might say that i have had a busy week.

and now its proverb.

words to live by.

here are  two.

the process of growing older is marked by a progressive series of losses.


to allow yourself to love is to invite heartache.

and to quote trent

everyone i love goes away in the end.

now this applies in may ways. and i guess you have to decide if its worth it or not.

monday, september 13, 2010 at 7:40pm i watched my grandmother die.

she had been having trouble breathing for the previous day or two, not really eating or taking fluids.

so there i was, just standing there watching her struggle to breathe, taking the odd deep breath and i told her that i loved her, that we all loved her, and that it was okay.

and that was it.

she was gone. one second she was there and right before my eyes she died.

so all in all, not the best of weeks.
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