week 4: reverse

i was originally planning on posting something on here about glee.

the television show about high school kids who sing a lot.

and i couldn't think of why i hated it, outside of the obvious, until now.

i watched half an episode of south park earlier, it was a spoof on high school musical.

and it dawned on me, i couldn't wait for that failed abortion that were those movies to fade away from common usage and popular culture.

and yet, now its back.

glee style.

that said, i have been thinking about this prompt, reverse.

i generally try to look at the word, of the meanings of every prompt and try and figure out how it might apply to my life, sometimes i have more success than others, getting out of the house seems to help more than anything else.

so reverse.

i feel like at my age i should be moving in a certain direction, a direction that if not classified as completely opposite of that which i may or may not find myself on, shouldn't be non-existent.

so I'm either stuck in place, or i am headed backward.

i wish this was a happier post.

this realization (?) applies to several aspects of my life.

i have been thinking about all of the women that i have loved in my life, now i don't want to come off as a ted or even a barny (i'll let you guys figure out the reference there) but i always entered those relationships with the intention of having that person being the last person that i would ever be with, and i have thought that, well a few times anyway, that i had found that one, the last one, and it was a good feeling.

until they ended and at some point i began to look for "outs", you know, places where you could exit and nobody gets hurt more that the need to?

and so now here we are, reverse.

for those who want to see the actual piece, titled. she never really got what it was all about:

there were several girls that i have loved, and one that i have been truly in love with, but im pretty sure she never understood what that meant.

so yeah, reverse.
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