last take on teacher

i really feel the need to say that i am not making fun of anyone here.

ive been volunteering at the county daycare center since last april. i help out where i can, spending time with the seniors, listening to the amazing stories they share, playing games, doing artsy stuff and other stuff that really doesnt really matter. its an amazing experience, i look forward to they days that i get to spend with them. one of the things i like about it is that they dont have ulterior motives, they arent trying to screw you over to get ahead, they might be in a bad mood or cranky from time to time, but who isnt. what im saying, i guess is that its refreshing spending time around genuine people. aside from the good feeling i get from helping and the feeling that in some small way i get to have grandparents again it feels good to know that i am able to make their days a little better. they are so grateful.

i am grateful as well, they are amazing teachers, not just in their adventures that they share and knowledge of things from their varied professions, you also, i also get to see what it is like to age with grace and dignity, even in, especially in the cases where these people are suffering from impaired senses such as sight and hearing, and worse mental faculty. you can see the differences in the ones who have accepted to some degree their shrinking world and lack of independence, and the bitter ones who cant seem to let go. im not judging here, its a humbling experience, and i can only imagine how frustrating and scary that must be. god willing, i might one day find out myself.

its not all smiles, there are good days and not so good days, and some of them are very much aware of what is slowly happening to them, and that can be really tough, all you can do is just be there and hold their hand if they want that. mostly i just listen and that seems to help some times.

they have so much to give, so much to pass along, and the lessons i have learned in patience, empathy, sacrifice and love and bravery in the face of knowing that there are far fewer days ahead than there are behind you... like i said, amazing.

i am so very fortunate to have been allowed to spend time with them, it really is an honor.

i have had many jobs in my life and i can say with no hesitation that this is by far the most rewarding experience ive ever had in my life.
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