week 32: teacher

this week's topic really resonated with me, in several ways, ill be sharing my other take shortly.

i just wanted to take a moment to thank, honestly, sincerely, those few teachers that i was fortunate enough to have had in my life. each one played very instrumental parts in who i am today.

it is a travesty how bad this profession is treated in this country.

we so desperately need these people who challenge us, force us to think critically, form educated opinions, these people who expose us to math and sciences, to literature and art, these people who these people who help guide us on our way to becoming self actualized, productive, and socially responsible adults. without a solid foundation given by these people who have dedicated their lives to educating our children, we consign our future generations to second class citizen status, or worse, in our global community.

and i cannot think of any good reason for that.
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