at first I didn't think that this one need much in the way of an explanation, but im usually wrong about that sort of thing. so here it goes:

this morning I woke up and discovered that my favorite (and only clean) pair of jeans had developed a hole in the right back pocket, aka: the wallet pocket.

so since I was already running late I was forced to put my wallet in the left back pocket: aka nothing goes in there pocket.

from the very start it felt odd, i was unbalanced and sitting was uncomfortable.

this is how my day began.

so i was late getting to the dentist (after not having been able to see one aside from a few emergencies over the last several years, only to discover that the appointment was for 8 am tomorrow morning.

luckily the had someone cancel and i was tortured with sharp plastic things getting shoved in my mouth and bombarded with radiation.

after that i was shamed as per usual by the dentist, a lecture about the importance of balh blah blah and now i need to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled (since i bailed on the removal back in 2001) and some other minor work.

it could have been worse but, frankly i just want to curl up in a ball under ten blankets and have my stomach not feel like its going to empty itself without too much in the way of warning.

i sincerely hope that your day went even marginally better than this, and i would be happy to trade you if it did.
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