storm v.2

I went out for a little while earlier tonight, I haven't been doing that as often as I probably should. I had kinda forgotten it was valentine's day, until I was surrounded by couples and everyone wishing each other a great one. I think I need to take a moment to say that im not bemoaning the fact that im single, and I really would like to point out that I don't seem to be falling into that bitter anti-v day backlash movement that seems to follow the fourteenth every year.

honestly im okay with that.

this was originally going to be a several panel piece, it may still be at some point, but as I was developing it, it went from clothes being discarded in a progression to the, well I guess bedroom though I suppose it could be anywhere really.

it went from that to a vertical layout, the intention was to imply the clothes falling to the ground, this final take looks (to me anyway) like a mix of that idea and an overhead view of a clothes covered floor.

its that storm of passion, of reckless abandon, of newness and to be frank as I look back at such encounters in my past it really wasn't even all about the physical part in and of itself, it was the anticipation of finding out who you were, who I was, in relation of that new individual.

I don't think im articulating this very well. what I think im trying to say is that there is a certain something in relationships that define who we are, and those people we choose to be with can bring out the best and worse of who we are. im not saying that its wholly contingent on this, but that there is a certain something that is said about, or reflected ourselves in who and how we are able to love..

I think I will end with this. pain is one of those great motivators in life, but we are wired to forget the specific level of intensity of it over time, for example, I remember that a broken arm hurt very badly but I remember that in a very general sense. I suspect it is also what allows women to give birth more than once in their lives, but although while it has been awhile since ive been in love, I am amazed that I can very acutely remember how it felt.
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