week 48: storm

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this one drew itself, or nearly so I guess. this week, yesterday in fact I had to get one of my wisdom teeth extracted, something that I should have done like twelve years ago but flaked on the procedure back then, I was moving to go to school at the time and had room for them, albeit it was a pretty crowded space back there, and my dislike of all things bloody and teeth related plus It being something that I could put off at the time, well it all caught up finally and thank god I finally have insurance that covers this sort of thing.
anyway, ive been given medicine for the pain and  its making me feel ill, to the point where I haven't been taken it as often as I should, for whatever reason the fun I used to have when I was medicated is not a source of physic illness and anxiety. its kinda ironic, I originally wrote more about this, but I decided not to dwell, I might decided to include the omitted text but I haven't decided yet.
I guess the point of mentioning that is that ive been in small periods of being effectively stoned for lack of a better term, and this was one of the few things I managed to do while under that influence, again I thought I miught take time to explain it but its not all that important, well, for me it actually id but I don't feel like explaining. I think it speaks for itself.
this is week 48 out of 52, I have nearly completed three volumes, years of this project, by far the the longest running artistic project I have kept up with so far, not to say that there weren't hiccups, life got in the way several imes and there were large absences in there, considering I started this back in 2006 I should have something more like five or six volumes completed by now.
so then love walked up to like, and sid I know that you don't like me much, lets go for a ride.
I have to decide if its time to move on after ive finished volume 3.
im not sure.
the whole blog craze seems to be dying down, and traffic is nothing like it was near the beginning, I attribute that in part to the large periods of neglect, it seems that much of the momentum I had has been lost.
anyway, this is boring im sure, so I will lave it at this.
this is cooling, faster than I can.
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